Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Hov (it’s actually Katie)

I’m proper, but I’m funky.  “Everything you didn’t know you needed” meaning I will gladly include you in my weekly happenings that make me stop and say to myself “wait..that just happened”. These thoughts of mine are always flowing, and I’d love to share them with the people out there that i’d probably be homies with if we lived in the same zip code. You’ll find everything from music i’m really diggin’ at the moment, to amusing videos that I just so happen to stumble upon on our beloved YouTube, to cute photos of my dog Lola that’ll make you say to yourself “psh my dog is cuter”, and on a more serious note, I’d also like to post about worldly issues that I feel the want and need to discuss, or to ask how you all feel about it. You’ll find photos of my random escapades throughout Atlanta whilst presenting to you all the wondrous shit this city has to offer. Side-note- shout to, seriously, you gratify my never-ending findings on that encyclopedia of epicness you call a website . YouTube and chill? So hey, what’s up, hello, my name is Katie Kadadu and I welcome you into my world, fam.

I’m going to start you off with some badass MC’s from the UK that I found today (on YouTube, duh)


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