Something to Bump

Tell me whatcha like, tell me whatcha don’t.

I’m talking about tuneage here, folks. Ear funk. That feel-good stuff. The delightful, alluring sounds we call music.

Music you dance to; music you vibe with. The music you diligently sing to while you’re washing away your sins in the shower. Music you play while you’re in the kitchen whippin’ and flippin’ the yam (music you cook to; if whippin’ and flippin’ the yam made no sense) (that was a Future reference).

“What genre music do you listen to?” may be one of my least favorite questions. Not in the sense where I don’t like to discuss music. But more so, how do I explain all the kinds of music i am into? Maybe this isn’t such a difficult question for all. But for me, the second i’m hit with that question, my head unscrews from my body and rolls away. The answer usually is “what genre do I not listen to.” Yeah I’m that kind of person with that kind of answer.

Something I seriously cannot wrap my head around is when I hear this:

“There’s no quality music being made these days” *face palms..face palms so hard*

What do you mean there’s no quality music being made these days? That statement is absolutely absurd in every way, shape, and form. That statement should never be muttered at any point in time.

So I welcome you. But before you enter, wipe your feet really good on the rhythm rug. (A Tribe Called Quest one liner for the win) (to all my Tribe fans, you’re welcome).

These are some seriously dope artists you should add to your head space if you haven’t already. Some are old, some are new, some you already know or may have heard.

P.s.-one last thing to keep in mind; when listening to music, take speaker quality into consideration. Macbook speakers don’t get the job done, and neither do low-grade ear buds. Car speakers, a solid bluetooth speaker, or some quality headphones will get the job done tho.

My personal favorite is playing music through the surround sound speakers at home. It’s an experience in itself every single time. It usually leads to a solo dance party or going h.a.m on some household chores. The more mollifying sounding melodies usually lead to writing, or melting into the couch and/or floor.

Treat yo’self. You, and your ears deserve it.

So with that being said, these were some of my favorites in 2015.

  • Archy Marshall AKA King Krule – This do I describe this guy’s music. He has so many different sounds and vibes with each song. I mean word for word, this is how he described his own music “[It’s] Like a meat grinder. With all genres as the meat, and my brain as the grinder.” I don’t know what better way to describe it than that. Wikipedia describes it as “punk jazz, hip hop, darkwave, and trip hop.” Reading about him and his life is like a wicked adventure. The more I read, the more intrigued I became with this King Krule character. He uses other artist names as well. Abreast from his artist name King Krule, he’s released music under the name Zoo Kid, and also DJ JD Sports and Edgar The Beatmaker.
  • Misun– I remember hearing their music and instantly being drawn to their style. It’s funky, it’s groovy, it makes me move. The lead singer’s voice has this unique undertone that makes you say “you sound like a badass.” The beats and instrumentals to their recordings make you sway, they make you groove, and they make your head roll from left to right,to up and down, to just all around.

I really enjoyed this Cousin Cole & Nancy edit:

And here’s some of their other original content I play on the reg:

  • Nigh Lovell– Before I showed my brother this artist, I described his sound as “dungeon rap.” It’s heavy with the bass, and has a grungey feel to it. A mystic undertone that makes you feel like mobbin’ through the city while wearing sunglasses at night. Kind of sketchy, but not.

This song that he’s featured on was dope:

And here’s a few from Night Lovell:


  • Adult Jazz– If you’re looking for a complex alternative/indie feel then you’ll dig the tunes that Adult Jazz pumps out. They use a range of sounds that mesh in such a blissfully concrete way. The lead singer’s voice sounds like a smooth fall breeze with a gravitational pull. Come hither he says. He doesn’t actually say so, but that’s what it feels like.


  • BlakRoc and Big Grams- I’m going to place these two collaborative groups under one subcategory. BlakRoc is a studio album by The Black Keys, in collaboration with Damon Dash, co-founder and former co-owner of Roc-A-Fella Records, who oversaw the project. The album features guest appearances from several hip hop and R&B acts, namely Mos Def, Nicole Wray, Pharoahe Monch, Ludacris, Billy Danze of M.O.P., Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest, Jim Jones and NOE of ByrdGang, as well as Raekwon, RZA and the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard of Wu-Tang Clan. If you’re a fan of rock, and a fan of R&B and hip-hop, then give it a dig.

Now to Big Grams. Big Grams is an electronic rock/hip hop trio which consists of the homie Big Boi from Outkast and the duo Phantogram. Individually, I was already a fan of Big Boi, and already a fan of Phantogram. So I thought the collab of the two produced a cool sound. I’d love to hear how that all started, or who was the first to propose that idea and that duo. That electric mix with a hip hop twist.


And here’s some random miscellaneous tracks from various artists:


So,a little bit of this, a little bit of that, with plenty more to come. 





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