The Episode That Made You Feel: Girls’ Season 5, Episode 6

Let’s talk about Girls. If you tuned into last night’s episode, you delightfully joined Marnie as she revisited her past: Mister Charlie. It begins with her and her newly wed husband, Desi, fighting because she wants space. He wants to talk, she’s not in the mood for it, and of course because it’s Desi , he shouts for Marine to open her heart as he crys like a toddler who can’t go to the park. Desi is something else, is there a word to even describe Desi’s character? I’m not too sure, the only word that comes to mind is whack, but he’s so much more than just “whack.” Plus, Desi has his moments where you’re like “yeah, he’s a homie.”

Now, how about we really dig into the episode? As Marnie hits the streets of New York with some tunes in her ears, and some kicks on her feet, she runs into Charlie on the street. She passes a group of men she doesn’t really make eye contact with, but when she does, she locks eyes with the last man sitting. The last man sitting being Charlie. This isn’t the clean cut, submissive, do what his girlfriend says, let everyone stomp on him “Charlie boy” that we’re used to. This is a fully bearded, appears as if he hasn’t showered in a day or two, ripped denim pants topped with a denim jacket, and a Charlie that sounds like he grew up in Queens. You get the feeling that all of them including Charlie are up to no good.

After Charlie catches up with Marnie, after they unfold the past, we’re left with a heavy piece of information from their break up two years prior. When Charlie suddenly ended it with Marnie in season two, he told her he never loved her, along with telling her that all she’ll ever be good for is to be a “someone’s wife.” Without her knowledge, Charlie was dealing with the fact that his father committed suicide around the same time. During this sorrowful scene,  I could feel my chest deepen with each breath, and it gets a little darker towards the end of the episode, but we’ll get to that.

Next thing we eventually catch onto, is Charlie’s impulsive behavior that he’s never displayed before. After he talks Marnie into coming to a fancy party with him that has a respectable amount of champagne (“champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends.”)  We then learn that the only reason they were dropping by this soiree was so that Charlie could sell some old timers some booger sugar (cocaine). Charlie is in fact, the plug.

After we learn that Charlie’s the plug, we so magically slip into the charming restaurant scene. The restaurant scene was sincerely tender, and magical. They eat, they drink, they dance, they look lost in the moment whilst being lost in each other’s arms. It was a moment that most could relate to..finding yourself hanging out with someone you once loved. The outing happens to be a very smooth sailing, reminding you why you ever loved that person. The conversations feel effortless, jokes are cracked, and the look  that the two of you swap, the look wondering what it would feel like to kiss the other again. Charlie and Marnie shared every single one of those feel good moments, and they were genuinely enjoying this accidental outing together. It was spellbinding to say the least. It was a Bonnie and Clyde kind of feel.

With both Charlie and Marnie seeming to be down and out or lost when it comes to their everyday lives, it was nice to see them forget all of that for the night. Watching them rekindle the flame and make the audience feel as if no time has passed between these two beloved characters was jubliant . Yes, they are both very different people from the starting seasons, but seeing them become aquatinted with each other allover again had its sparkle.

It’s all fun and games until sh*t got real. Until we found out that Charlie’s switched his guitar out for a needle. In the most dismal scene of the episode, we find out that Charlie has a heroin habit. It’s pretty damn bleak, and yanked at my emotions. As we’ve learned from prior episodes, Charlie is an emotional guy. Already seeming vulnerable, Charlie was trying to cope with the death of his father, while dealing with the harsh reality of life after college and what it’s like when life, your career, and the idea of success don’t go as planned. We’re also left with so many questions about Charlie’s heroin habit. All we know is that he stumbled into a path of drug use, as he tried to stumble out of a path of emotional baggage. The entire scene was truly heartbreaking.

The episode comes to an end with Marnie walking home barefoot in her red gown, and Desi sitting on the stairs waiting for her. Words are exchanged and Marnie let’s Desi know that she feels like it would be best for them to end their short-lived marriage. The marriage that they both impulsively jumped into, and they both knew it was time to call it quits.

The closing scene of episode 6 was the best, most “season one of Girls” feelingly feels. Marnie finds herself climbing into Hannah’s bed, in the apartment that they once shared together, when they were each other’s “ride or dies.” Making it all feel like a nostalgic scene from the past.



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