To The Readers, From The Readers

You know what makes writing so special? What makes it so special is the connection that hails from the words you share. Relating to one another is such a compelling attribution that we seriously long for. Nobody likes feeling alone, and nobody wants to feel alone. When you’re so consumed with how you feel, you forget […]

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Something to Bump

Tell me whatcha like, tell me whatcha don’t. I’m talking about tuneage here, folks. Ear funk. That feel-good stuff. The delightful, alluring sounds we call music. Music you dance to; music you vibe with. The music you diligently sing to while you’re washing away your sins in the shower. Music you play while you’re in the […]

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Heartbreak Hotel

This post is about to go both ways. From me apologizing to the ones I’ve hurt, to me explaining the reality of never loving. Now, don’t jump to any conclusions and assume I have hypothermia from my figurative ice block of a heart. It’s nothing like that. My heart is the size of a super […]

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